About us

We are a small family run business who are friendly and helpful. We have apartments in London, Liverpool and Mauritius


Further information on the locality of your stay will be provided prior to your booking 


We want our guests to have a great time but we also need to provide rules to keep everyone happy, safe and be considerate to others.

the following are not allowed: 

- Smoking anywhere on the property

-  parties

- adding additional guests overnight

- causing noise nuisance at any time

There are some things we would appreciate you do. Please: 

- Remove all rubbish at the end of your stay and recycle responsibly

- Leaves keys in designated places 

- Get in touch if you need anything or if anything breaks or if any damage occurs. 

- arrive/leave by within the checkin and check out  times unless otherwise agreed.

- keep all doors and windows closed and locked when out. 

- highlight damage during your stay

- keep the property clean and tidy.